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Grassroute Celebrates World Coconut Day with Mathrubhumi Seed

Keralites use coconut as food, tender coconuts for water and toddy they drink, with the fronds they make mats and roofings, with the oil they cook and with the husk fibre they make ropes. But the thing is that coconut is declaining in Kerala. On World Coconut Day, we plant a few saplings.

Planting Coconut Tree Saplings

Together with students and teachers from four schools, Grassroute and Mathrubhumi Seed Club will plant Coconut Tree Saplings in the compound of SSV Sabha, Kochambalam, Nayarambalam.

Activities Mangrove Planting

Planting Mangrove Saplings 2nd Phase with Sustera Foundation

Sustera Foundation activists, team Grassroute and Rajagiri Outreach Students jointly planted Mangrove Saplings at two locations near to Natural Fish Ponds at Nayarambalam.

Planting Mangroves with Sustera Foundation for the second time.

Grassroute joins hands with Sustera Foundation and GenRe to plant Mangrove saplings at two locations at Nayarambalam. Rajagiri Outreach students also will take part in the planting.

Awards Organic Farming Planting

Pokkali Farming Workshop. Chapter 3

About 75 students participated in the Pokali Farming Workshop Chapter 3 designed with the intention of popularizing Pokkali farming. By covering this chapter, participants learned the transplantation of the Pokkali seedlings in uniform distance in straight rows.

Pokkali Farming Workshop Chapter 2

Chapter 2. Broadcasting the Pokkali seeds. Apart from Rajagiri College, this time two more colleges will participate in the Workshop. Students from SNM College Malliankara, Sacred Heart College, Thevara and Rajagiri College will broadcast the Pokkali seeds into the same field where the students ploughed a couple of weeks ago.

Biodiversity Workshop

Biodiversity is vital in the fight against climate change. Fortunately, we have proper laws to conserve our biodiversity. But unfortunately, these laws are widely ignored. Grassroute plans to raise public awareness on how to use these laws effectively and force the authorities not to ignore it. Based on these objectives, Grassroute organises a half-day workshop on Saturday, 21st May 2022 at Nayarambalam Panchayath Hall.

Activities Organic Farming

Pokkali Farming Workshop. Chapter 2

Chapter Two was more exciting than the One. All participants from three different colleges, really enjoyed it very much. All the participants have done the job under the leadership of four senior experienced farm workers.

Activities Community projects Organic Farming

Pokkali Farming Workshop. Chapter 1

The Computer Science students from Rajagiri college participated in the Pokkali Farming Workshop organized by Grassroute. The team includes 53 girls and 36 boys. Department heads, Associate Director and Assistant Director of the college were also present. Mr K.K. Reghuraj, Farm Superindent, KUFOS and mentor of Grassroute lead classes on Pokkali Farming.


An analysis of the Biological Diversity Act 2002 on Biodiversity Day 2022.

It was this day Grassroute was waiting since its inception. The Biodiversity Workshop has been successfully done. The session was brief and informative. It gave a ray of light on BDA and how it designed to protect our biodiversity. But the general feeling was that, neither the Biodiversity Act 2002 nor the Annual Biodiversity Day protect our biodiversity; each one of us keep our vigil to save it.