Activities Community projects Organic Farming

Pokkali Farming Workshop. Chapter 1

The Computer Science students from Rajagiri college participated in the Pokkali Farming Workshop organized by Grassroute. The team includes 53 girls and 36 boys. Department heads, Associate Director and Assistant Director of the college were also present. Mr K.K. Reghuraj, Farm Superindent, KUFOS and mentor of Grassroute lead classes on Pokkali Farming.

Community projects Mangrove Nursery Planting

Grassroute Mangrove Nursery Inaugurated.

On the second week of April, the Ward Member, Nayarambalam Panchayath, Mrs Beena Jagadeeshan inaugurated the Grassroute Mangrove Nursery. Students from various schools and colleges were present to witness the event. Some native people also attended the ceremony. It was a pride moment for Team Grassroute fulfilling a dream job.

Biodiversity Community projects

Seeing off the babies of Olive Ridley Turtle to the Arabian Sea.

Turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. They choose to lay their eggs in areas that feel very safe on land. Our Pallathamkulangara (ML-പള്ളത്താംകുളങ്ങര) beach (10°06’18.8″N 76°11’19.5″E) is one such […]

Charity Community projects

Supporting MHAT to care Coastal area people’s mental health.

MHAT gives recovery-oriented mental health care to the poorest people with severe mental disorders. MHAT finds their patients based on a process of economic screening based on direct home visit. Grassroute has coordinated locally to find the suitable place to start their OP Clinic.