Awards Organic Farming Planting

Pokkali Farming Workshop. Chapter 3

About 75 students participated in the Pokali Farming Workshop Chapter 3 designed with the intention of popularizing Pokkali farming. By covering this chapter, participants learned the transplantation of the Pokkali seedlings in uniform distance in straight rows.

Planting Mangrove Saplings

Grassroute joins hands with Sustera Foundation to plant Mangrove saplings in appropriate areas in the Fruit Forest maintained by Mr I.B. Manoj, the Vanamitra Award Winner 2021.

Activities Mangrove Planting

Planting Mangroves in artificially created habitat.

In the last weeks of Monsoon, we have decided to experiment a new method of planting Mangroves. Just as a pilot project of planting Mangrove saplings parallel to the sea […]