Mangrove Planting

BPCL adopts 100 mangrove saplings at the Puthuvype STF campus.

Grassroute members assisted the BPCL team in planting Mangrove saplings at their Shore Tank Farm area, Puthuvype today. A hundred saplings were planted on both sides of a small canal […]

Activities Mangrove

The Mangrove exhibition attained massive attention.

Locally available Mangrove plants and Bamboo saplings were exhibited in the stall. Seeds of wild trees and bamboo plants were also there. Many students from schools and colleges and academic experts have visited the stall.

Activities Community projects Organic Farming

Pokkali Farming Workshop finished with grand success.

We have got the Pokkali farming method from our ancestors and they were doing it very well, but somewhere we have lost it somehow. Now it is on the verge of being obsolete. It is our primary commitment to support such native cultivation methods and to prevent them from extinction.

Community projects Planting

Grassroute Celebrates World Coconut Day with Mathrubhumi Seed

Keralites use coconut as food, tender coconuts for water and toddy they drink, with the fronds they make mats and roofings, with the oil they cook and with the husk fibre they make ropes. But the thing is that coconut is declaining in Kerala. On World Coconut Day, we plant a few saplings.

Activities Mangrove Planting

Planting Mangrove Saplings 2nd Phase with Sustera Foundation

Sustera Foundation activists, team Grassroute and Rajagiri Outreach Students jointly planted Mangrove Saplings at two locations near to Natural Fish Ponds at Nayarambalam.

Awards Mangrove

Grassroute wins the Pitch

Team Grassroute participated in the Fisheries Entrepreneurship Technology Event Pitch Fest 1.0 organized by KUFOS Business Incubation Centre (KUFOS BIC). Pitch winners are eligible for Seed Grant, Mentorship, Co-working space, Networking opportunity and Incubation support. Mr K.K. Reghuraj led the Team Grassroute.

Awards Organic Farming Planting

Pokkali Farming Workshop. Chapter 3

About 75 students participated in the Pokali Farming Workshop Chapter 3 designed with the intention of popularizing Pokkali farming. By covering this chapter, participants learned the transplantation of the Pokkali seedlings in uniform distance in straight rows.

Activities Mangrove Nursery Planting

Planted Mangrove saplings with Sustera Foundation

Grassroute has assisted Sustera Foundation to plant about 100 Mangrove saplings at the boundaries of I.B. Manoj’s Fruit Forest located at Ayyampilly, Kerala. This is the first joint Mangrove planting project between both the organisations. Hopefully there are many other similar projects that are yet to be announced.

Activities Organic Farming

Pokkali Farming Workshop. Chapter 2

Chapter Two was more exciting than the One. All participants from three different colleges, really enjoyed it very much. All the participants have done the job under the leadership of four senior experienced farm workers.

Activities Community projects Organic Farming

Pokkali Farming Workshop. Chapter 1

The Computer Science students from Rajagiri college participated in the Pokkali Farming Workshop organized by Grassroute. The team includes 53 girls and 36 boys. Department heads, Associate Director and Assistant Director of the college were also present. Mr K.K. Reghuraj, Farm Superindent, KUFOS and mentor of Grassroute lead classes on Pokkali Farming.