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The Mangrove exhibition attained massive attention.

Locally available Mangrove plants and Bamboo saplings were exhibited in the stall. Seeds of wild trees and bamboo plants were also there. Many students from schools and colleges and academic experts have visited the stall.

Grassroute’s Mangrove stall at Centennial Vista exhibition, conducted by UC College Aluva achieved impressive attention among various communities. The exhibition was conducted as part of the 5-day long closing ceremonies of the centenary celebrations of UC College. The exhibition has started on the 7th of November.

The Mangrove exhibits

  1. Rhizophora mucronata (loop-root mangrove / red mangrove / Asiatic mangrove)
  2. Avicennia officinalis (Indian mangrove / Api Api Ludat)
  3. Bruguiera cylindrica (White Burma Mangrove)
  4. Bruguiera gymnorrhiza (Large-leafed orange mangrove / Oriental mangrove)
  5. Kandelia candel
  6. Rhizophora apiculata
  7. Sonneratia alba
  8. Sonneratia caseolaris
  9. Excoecaria agallocha (Blind-your-eye mangrove / Buta buta / Poisonfish tree / River poison tree.)
  10. Aegiceras corniculatum (Black mangrove / River mangrove / Goat’s horn mangrove)

Most of the mangrove species listed above were collected locally and exhibited in the stall.

The Bamboo exhibits

  1. Bambusa tulda (Bengal Bamboo / Indian Timber Bamboo)
  2. Dendrocalamus strictus (Male Bamboo / Solid Bamboo / Calcutta Bamboo)
  3. Bambusa balcooa (Female Bamboo / Balcooa Bamboo)
  4. Bambusa bambos (Giant Thorny Bamboo / Indian Thorny Bamboo)
  5. Gigantochloa atter (Giant Atter / Sweet Bamboo)
  6. Dendrocalamus asper (Rough Bamboo, Giant Bamboo)
  7. Dendrocalamus brandisii
  8. Dendrocalamus membranaceus
  9. Ochlandra travancorica
  10. Bambusa polymorpha
  11. Dendrocalamus sikkimensis

Locally available bamboo saplings were collected from KFRI and exhibited in the stall.

Many school students as well as college students and academic experts from across the state have visited the stall. Also, we have got invitations to other colleges to arrange similar exhibitions based on Mangroves and Bamboo. And yes, we’re planning to create a perfect working model of the Mangrove ecosystem in a permanent location.

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By Thomas

Thomas is the founding secretary of grassroute. He lives in Kochi, India.