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Grassroute Celebrates World Coconut Day with Mathrubhumi Seed

Keralites use coconut as food, tender coconuts for water and toddy they drink, with the fronds they make mats and roofings, with the oil they cook and with the husk fibre they make ropes. But the thing is that coconut is declaining in Kerala. On World Coconut Day, we plant a few saplings.

The etymology behind the name Kerala is the significance of Coconut trees across the state. It was the major crop in Kerala for more than a couple of millennia. In Sanscrit, the word Kera means Coconut. And thus the geographical area where Kera trees grow abundantly became known as Kerala. But today Coconut trees are declining in Kerala.

Kerala has the largest area under the crop with 41.6% of national acreage. From 1950-51 to 2010-11 the area under coconut increased from 409400 to 788000 hectares and coconut production from 2026 million nuts to 6239 million nuts. Kerala contributed 61.7 % of coconut production in the country (1950-51). Over the period from 1980-81 to 2010-11 yield varied from 4557 nuts to7918 nuts per hectare in the state.

September 2nd – World Coconut Day

World Coconut Day is observed to highlight the significance of coconuts and spread information about their various advantages. To celebrate this day Grassroute partnered with some Mathrubhumi Seed Club Schools to plant a few Coconut saplings. Kochambalam Shri Subrahmanya Vilasom Sabha provided their space to plant the saplings.

We plant here is the hybrid breed named Chavakkadan Orange Dwarf. As the name indicates, these plants won’t grow high, and thus harvesting is much easier.

I.B. Manoj, Grassroute Member

Mr Rony John, Program Officer, Mathrubhumi Seed and Mr I .B. Manoj, Grassroute member explained the significance of the event. Students and teachers from Chavara Darshan CMI Public School, Koonammavu, SBOA Public School, South Chittoor, Dr N. International School, N. Parur and Bhavans Vidya Mandir, Elamakkara participated in the event. Mr K.V. Ranjith, President, and Mr Satyan, Secretary, SSV Sabha were also present at the event.

Seed Students and Teachers are planting Coconut saplings at Nayarambalam. SSV Sabha officials and Grassroute members are also seen.

By Thomas

Thomas is the founding secretary of grassroute. He lives in Kochi, India.