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Planting Mangrove Saplings 2nd Phase with Sustera Foundation

Sustera Foundation activists, team Grassroute and Rajagiri Outreach Students jointly planted Mangrove Saplings at two locations near to Natural Fish Ponds at Nayarambalam.

It is the second time they come to Vypeen for joining with team Grassroute to plant Mangrove Saplings. The last time they came to engage in similar activity was at I.B. Manoj’s fruit forest near Ayyampilly.

This time it was at Nayarambalam. We chose two Natural Fish Ponds – locally called Chemmeen Kettu.

The first pond is located at Ward 6, owned by Mr Manoj Punchayil. Started the job by 8.30 AM and planted 100 saplings inside the pond. After the job finished, Mr K.K. Reghuraj, Farm Superindent, KUFOS spoke about the significance of the Mangrove ecosystem and the need for its restoration.

The species of the Mangrove we planted is Rhizophora mucronata (Asiatic Mangrove)

Having had brunch, by 11:30 AM, the team moved to the second location. It was at Ward 5, Nedungad South, owned by Mr Johny Vattathara. By that time the sunlight was at its peak. However, we could plant more than 140 saplings there.

Rajagiri Outreach team also joined us under the leadership of Ranjith K. Udayabhanu. Before finishing the planting, Ms Suranya, a member of the Little People Association came to join the event. It was a really interesting planting programme.

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By Thomas

Thomas is the founding secretary of grassroute. He lives in Kochi, India.