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Pokkali Farming Workshop

The Computer Science students from Rajagiri college participated in the Pokkali Farming Workshop organized by Grassroute. The team includes 53 girls and 36 boys. Department heads, Associate Director and Assistant Director of the college were also present. Mr K.K. Reghuraj, Farm Superindent, KUFOS and mentor of Grassroute lead classes on Pokkali Farming.

They landed in the Pokkali field as a flock of birds landed on the ground. With shovels in their hands saying a short break to the algorithms of life. Their legs were not visible as they were sunk into the mud of the field. They worked hard for more than a couple of hours. And when they came down from the field, their feet were painted in mud as if they were wearing gum boots.

Computer science students at Rajagiri College ploughed the field with farm workers as part of the Pokkali Farming Workshop organized by Grassroute. Students arrived at the Sanjo Eco Farm, owned by George Joseph, Vattathara Mundadan, Nedungadu, Nayarambalam, early this morning to participate in the Workshop.

Dr Bindya Abhilash (Dean, Computer Science), Dr Ann Baby (Dean, Student Affairs), Rev. Fr. Angelo Baby, Prof. Sunu Mary Abraham, Prof. Shiju Thomas, Prof. Sabeen Govind, Shri. Ranjith K. Udayabhanu, Rajagiri Outreach Co-ordinator were also present in the workshop. 53 girls and 36 boys from MCA / MSc departments participated in the programme.

Pokkali cultivation dates back 3000 years of history. And Vypeen Island has only 700 years old. The early settlers of Vypeen Island realized that this land is ideal for Pokkali Cultivation. It was they who designed the Pokkali farming infrastructure in this land. And when time passed by, now this unique farming practice is on the verge of being extinct, and the reasons are many. It is our responsibility to protect such a beautiful, unique and healthy organic farming practice.

Shri K.K. Raghuraj, Farm Superintendent, KUFOS

Pokkali is a heritage rice crop cultivated in the coastal areas of Kerala. It’s an ancient farming practice of rice farming alternated with fish farming. The unfortunate fact is that this farming method is being vanished for many reasons. This is the background Grassroute planned to provide an opportunity for a real-life experience to students right at the Pokkali fields at Vypeen. Youngsters should take a true interest in such traditional farming methods before it’s become too late.

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Pokkali Farming Workshop will continue in the coming months of the farming season.

By Thomas

Thomas is the founding secretary of grassroute. He lives in Kochi, India.