Activities Mangrove Planting

Grassroute plants Mangrove Saplings, Portia Tree Stumps and Indian Badam Seeds to create a bio-fencing at Veliyathamparambu Beach area.

Day 1.
14 August 2021 / Saturday

It was our first activity. Planting some mangrove saplings, Portia Tree stumps and Indian Badam seeds. We gathered at Mr. Jose Vattathara’s house at 2:30 pm. After planning the work, we left his house at 4:00 pm. As we have planned we have collected the portia tree stumps from the Vellamparambil Brothers behind Sarada Hospital, Nayarambalam. Using some pruning saw, hand axes and anvil loppers we finished the job by 6.00 pm. We had cut about 800-850 poles, about a meter long and piled them up in the road side.

Members of the team who came to cut the portia tree stumps.

  1. Jose
  2. Sreeraj
  3. Pramod KV
  4. Pramod Panakkathara
  5. Dhananjayan
  6. ThomasM. Vazhappilly
Day 2.
15 August 2021 / Sunday

At 2.00 pm, work began today. At first, we transported the Portia Tree Stumps in a small pick-up truck to the proposed site – Veliyathamparambu Beach. At the site, the saplings of Rhizophora mucronata, Bruguiera gymnorrhiza and Bruguiera cylindrica were duly arranged.

All our activities were conducted in accordance with the Covid norms and kept the specified social distance.

Members of the team who came to build the bio-fence at Veliyathamparambu beach

  1. K.K. Raghuraj (Farm Superintendent, KUFOS / Project Advisor)
  2. Manoj I.B. (Well-konwn environ activist and Grassroute member)
  3. Sreeraj
  4. Pramod KV
  5. Atul Krishna
  6. Pramod Panakkathara
  7. Siju
  8. Stanley Sijo
  9. Salish North
  10. Sunil Kumar
  11. Dhanesh Kachappilly
  12. Sijo
  13. Arun Raj
  14. Padmaraj
  15. Dhananjayan
  16. Thomas m. Vazhappilly
  17. Jose C. Vattathara

Things got even more exciting when our mentor, K.K. Raghuraj, a subject expert who has deeply studied on mangroves and various ecosystems, joined the group. He explained to the whole team how to plant and maintain the stumps, mangroves and seeds that we have collected. Its video is attached below.

August 15 – Freedom through the environment

India’s Independence Day, August 15, marks the beginning of Grassroute’s first operation by planting mangroves, Portia Stumps and Indian Badam seeds. There were no flags made of cloth, only flagstaves were hoisted all over the beach on this Independence Day. This was the general feeling of the group. It was on Independence Day that this unique patriotic/philanthropic model was unveiled by a group of local volunteers, young and middle-aged. The volunteers were adamant that social media discussions alone were not enough and the action is the right thing to do. Some locals who were not active in the organization also took part in the activities.

Report in short

Location of the project ➔ Nayarambalam Veliyathamparambu Puthenkadappuram
Latitude Longitude 10 ° 03’10.4 “N 76 ° 12’53.2” E
What three words address
start point – ///posting.elaborate.ushering
endpoint – ///magnitude.copes.figure
Dated ➔ 15 August 2021
Time ➔ 16:30 IST
Number of seedlings planted 500
Number of seedlings planted 500
Three types of seedlings were planted here. Those –
1. Rhizophora mucronata (Rhizophora mucronata)
2. Penetration (Bruguiera gymnorrhiza)
3. Bruguiera cylindrica
Number of stems of Hibiscus tiliaceus planted ➔ 768
Number of stems of planted Thespesia Populnea 20
Participants ➔ 17

By 4.30 pm everyone was up and running. The van, which came with tree trunks and mangroves, was parked in the shade on the south side of the Puthenkadappuram church. The first saplings were planted on the south side of the church, formally inaugurating the project. The first sapling was planted by K.K. Reghuraj. The rest of the saplings were planted about one hundred and fifty meters north of there.

760 poles were planted in three rows on the east side of the sand gate and in two rows on the west side of the sand fence (between the sand fence and the sea wall). Seedlings and seeds were planted in the area where it seemed suitable – i.e. where there was mud and moist soil. A few mangrove seeds were planted on both sides of the creek near the beach.

The work was done by digging holes in three different places using three rods. It was about 6.30 pm when 15-16 people planted five rows of saplings at a distance of 150 m in three hours, with one person making the pit and the other planting the stems in the pit to fix the soil and delivering the stumps.

Upon completion of the project, all members of the team rested at the residence of President Salish, who lives nearby. During the informal meeting held there, Mr Raghuraj shared many things about the importance of conserving the environment.

At about 7.00 pm, everyone left, thanking everyone who had made this small venture a success.

By Thomas

Thomas is the founding secretary of grassroute. He lives in Kochi, India.